Saturday, February 4, 2012

CERITA HARI INI: Homestay Kampung parit Penghulu Part 1

Aku rasa mungkin aku lambat post pasal benda ni.Ok last two week, I went to Homestay Kampung Parit Penghulu, Sungai Rambai for  join event Explorasi Budaya Organised by Debest Club. This the first time i need to stay with my adopted mother and father. Ok we reached the village at 4pm . After this we is divide with six group and One group have five or six members. So my group have five members which is me, wan @kelly , tasha. sis ika and sis ash..

i'm very excited person this time

conquer the space! ngee..

my housemate for 3 days

8.30 pm our driver PAAN had pick up us to the base of homestay. We have to take part in Night Walk activity which the sacry activity that we need to walk alone in the estate .huh..but gratefully i have to accompany tasha because she very scared and she dont want to join it.. hehe. But in one checkpoint, I and tasha falling down to the drain or some people call parit and you know what happen to me and tasha.

look at my dirty..

Tasha shoes is very nice
a lot of them laugther at me and tasha but i dont care.hehe . After this we had been sent to my adopted mum house. End of part 1. wait for the secoond part which is the best part in our activity.

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